Key Information You Want to Record in Your Auto Accident Journal

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A car accident journal can be an important way you can keep information organized in regards to your claim for compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance company. It will also help keep track of the facts, evidence, and details of the crash and your injuries—crucial to helping you win your claim for compensation. To be certain that your diary is helpful—and not harmful—to your claim, you need to know what information the journal should contain.



Keep Track of This Information in Your Car Crash Diary

When keeping a diary, you want to follow some important guidelines. First, be certain that it is truthful and accurate. Second, keep in mind that the attorney for the negligent driver may be able to obtain a copy of your journal if your case goes to court. You want to be sure that everything you say in your journal would be helpful to your case so that your words are not used against. With these rules in mind, you should keep a record of the following in your journal:

Contact information.

You can keep contact information for the other driver, his insurance company, witnesses to the crash, and any other witnesses that you think would be helpful as your claim progresses.

Details of the crash.

You should write down the details of how the accident happened soon after it occurred when it is fresh in your mind. Be sure to include any applicable information regarding weather, road conditions, statements the other driver made, and anything else you believe would be helpful.

Doctor’s appointments.

Keep track of all of your doctor’s appointments, diagnostic tests, treatments, physical therapy, medications, and anything else related to your medical care in your journal. If you do not do this, you could easily forget how often you saw your doctor or received treatments during the months it could take to resolve your claim.

Your pain.

You should write about the pain you are experiencing when you feel it. Be certain to be specific about the body part that hurts, what the pain felt like, and how it made you feel. This can be important not only to show your pain and suffering damages, but also as a record of what to tell your physician. This evidence will be more persuasive to an insurance adjuster if is also noted in your medical records.

Your dayto-day activities.

If your injuries limit your day-to-day activities, ability to work, or interests, you should write about this in your journal as well. Again, this is documentation that helps you prove your right to emotional distress damages.

Wage losses.

If you must take time off work due to your injuries, you should keep a record in your diary of the time you were off work and the wages and other benefits you lost, as well as saving copies of paystubs and W-2s, which only provide limited details.


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