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Why You Should Hire a Henderson Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer 

Being involved in a car accident such as a drunk driving accident is a serious matter that may require taking legal action, especially if the extent of the damages and injuries are severe. That said, hiring a Henderson car accident lawyer, particularly one with expertise in drunk driving cases, is highly advisable.

Having an experienced lawyer by your side during a legal process can help alleviate the stress. At Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers, we ensure that you go through the correct legal process, present relevant evidence, and make informed decisions to achieve positive results.

Drunk Driving Statistics in Henderson

According to statistics from the Henderson Police Department, drunk driving is a leading cause of road accidents and one of the most common road offenses in the city. This conclusion was reached after the department ran its 10th campaign under the Joining Forces Program from June 30 to July 21, 2023.

During this campaign, the officers on duty stopped 498 vehicles, 22 of which were due to driving under the influence. That said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that drunk driving is the 2nd most common cause of vehicular accidents, just behind speeding.

What You Need to Know About Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving while under the influence has been a persisting problem in the United States, Henderson included. Individuals who attend parties or have a night out with friends and have too much to drink often still get behind the wheel at the end of the night to get home.

 This act alone increases the likelihood of endangering not only the driver’s life but also the lives of those they encounter on the road.

 In Nevada, the BAC limit is 0.08. This level of intoxication can affect one’s muscle coordination, concentration, and ability to process information, which can cause an accident. However, even people with lower BACs are still eligible for arrest, according to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

 Statistics show that in 2020, there were 11,654 recorded fatalities in the United States, due to drunk driving accidents alone. And there were 92 cases of alcohol-related life-ending vehicular accidents in Nevada back in 2019.

What Punishments Are Given to Drunk Drivers?

First-time DUI offenders who are caught driving under the influence face penalties such as 2 to 6 months in jail, 8 hours of DUI classes, and fines ranging from $400 to $1000. This is considered a misdemeanor as long as no one is hurt.

However, for motorists who kill or severely hurt someone while driving under the influence, it’s a much different story. Under the Nevada Revised Statute Section 484.C430, the offender can be punished by getting a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 20 years of jail time.

 They would also be required to pay fines ranging from  $2000 to $5,000. This would be considered a felony or a criminal offense.

Immediate Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident

A truck accident is not the same as an auto collision, and filing a claim for compensation can be much more complicated for a victim of one of these tragic wrecks. Here are important ways that a truck accident case can be very different from one that only involves passenger vehicles: a commercial semi-truck crash can result in significant, life-long consequences for you and your family. Under Nevada law, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering if a negligent truck driver, trucking company, or other party caused the crash.

  • Check For Injuries: Your health should be your top priority after the accident. It’s important to assess your situation to see if you sustained any injuries so you can get treated right away, especially if it’s life-threatening.
  • Get Medical Attention: While there may be no visible injuries sustained, it’s still important to get checked to ensure you didn’t suffer any internal injuries from the accident.

  • Report the Accident to the Authorities: Contact 911 so they can dispatch the police to your location to properly document the accident and examine the drunk driver. This also helps keep the situation under control, in case an altercation occurs or if the offender decides to flee from the scene.


  • Gather As Much Evidence As You Can: Getting evidence from the scene of the accident is an important step, especially if you decide to file a claim. Ask for the driver’s information, take photos of the wreck, and get the contact details of witnesses. This is essential information to have if you want to build a strong case.


  • Seek Help From a Well-Experienced Henderson Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer: If you plan on filing a claim once everything is sorted at the location of the accident, it’s important to consult with legal experts as they can guide you with all you need to do to get a favorable outcome.


What Types of Compensation Can You Receive From the Accident?

The effects of a drunk driving accident can undoubtedly cause emotional, mental, and physical distress to the victim. Aside from that, it can also cause inconvenience to the victim’s day-to-day activities and livelihood. So it’s only fair to receive proper compensation.

  • Medical Expenses: Compensation for medical bills due to the accident is one of the most common types of compensation you can receive. This can include hospitalization bills, surgery, and medications.
  • Property Damage: You can also receive compensation for the damages sustained by your personal belongings, such as the vehicle involved in the accident and items inside the vehicle that were damaged.
  • Livelihood: You may also be entitled to receive compensation for the days you missed work due to the negative effects of the accident.
  • Recovery: You may be eligible to receive compensation to support your recovery.

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