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Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

Serious injuries such as amputations or neck, head, and spinal cord injuries can result in significant medical experiences, as well as a loss of income. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially when you’ve been hurt due to the negligence of another party. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can help you establish liability, document your damages, and negotiate for the highest possible recovery. Request a consultation today.

Motor Vehicle AccidentsMotor Vehicle Accidents

A car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian crash in the Las Vegas area could leave you seriously injured and wondering where to turn for help. When the motor vehicle accident was caused by a negligent driver, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. However, you may have to fight long and hard to obtain reimbursement for your expenses and other damages from their insurance company.

The skilled and dedicated lawyers at Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers understand how traumatic and stressful a motor vehicle collision can be—especially when the crash was not your fault. We are committed to helping victims of these senseless accidents understand and pursue their legal rights. Call our Henderson office today to schedule a free consultation to get your questions answered.

Wrongful Death AccidentsWrongful Death Accidents

Losing a close family member is a traumatic experience, no matter how your loved one died. However, the pain of the loss can be even more overwhelming when his death was caused by the negligence of an individual or business. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent party who caused your family member’s death under Nevada law. While this will not ease all the grief you feel, obtaining the damages you deserve can help you move on with your life.

At Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers, we understand how traumatic it is to suddenly lose a loved one due to another’s negligent and careless actions. We are here to take over the burden of pursuing your wrongful death action so that you can focus on grieving and picking up the pieces of your life. Take advantage of our offer for a free consultation to learn about your legal options and how we can assist you.

Spine InjuriesSpine Injuries

Nearly 300,000 people in the U.S. alone are suffering the effects of a spinal cord injury. Although medical science is working hard, a complete cure for severe spinal injuries has yet to be discovered. Regrettably, this means that treatment and “recovery” for victims is long, arduous, and will likely be incomplete. It’s not uncommon for treatment to be required for the rest of their lives.

As a victim of a tragic accident, we don’t believe that you should have to pay a lifetime of consequences for someone else’s mistake—and we’ll fight for you and your family in order to make our beliefs known. Come see why our need for justice is exactly what you need when pursuing a spinal cord injury claim.

Slip and FallSlip and Fall

Slip and fall injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. A cracked sidewalk, spilled milk, a collapsed food display at the grocery store, and poor floor maintenance are all just potential factors that could lead to a tragic slip and fall accident.

If you’re injured as a result of someone else’s laziness, carelessness, or downright stupidity, we believe that you deserve compensation. Another person’s mistake shouldn’t cost you anything, let alone time, pain, and future earnings due to treatment. At least we don’t think so. See how we fight to make sure that your accident doesn’t keep you down.

(TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury

While the injuries are complex, pursuing these claims can be even more complicated.  They require expert medical and psychological witnesses to explain and document the injury and the problems which result from the injury.  It is also important to have an attorney who understands the nature and realities of these types of injuries to ensure the individual injured in the motor vehicle or other accident obtains not only compensation for the injury sustained, but also the care and treatment they will require throughout the remainder of their life.

Catastrophic InjuryCatastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries can impact a person’s activities of daily living.  They may be wheelchair-bound or unable to walk without an assistive device.  They may require frequent or constant care from others.  They can lose their ability to be independent which is itself catastrophic.  These injuries are difficult to quantify due to the ways they impact a person’s life in very unique and specific ways.