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Henderson Car Accident Attorneys You Can Safely Bet On (Because You Deserve Better Than a Long Shot). Serving all of Las Vegas.

Driving or riding in a car is a normal daily activity for most adults. Whether it is getting to work, going to the store for groceries, or meeting friends to hang out, dealing with traffic and driving hazards is a daily chore. Unfortunately, this chore can have its risks.


Nearly 1.3 million people die each year as a result of traffic accidents, and another 20 to 50 million car accident injuries occur worldwide. This means that an average of 5,000 people an hour fall victim to car accidents. Regrettably, cities that are considered to be “party cities” and have high drinking rates—such as Las Vegas— are even more susceptible to collision risks.

We’re Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Serving Las Vegas Locals and Visitors Alike

Car Accident Lawyer Henderson

With a population exceeding 600,000, and a tourist trade bringing in an additional 50,000 people a year, Las Vegas is definitely what you would call an active city. In addition to the people, Vegas is known for the casino experience of drinking, gambling, and throwing away inhibitions. Unfortunately, this “experience” can lead to foolish driving mistakes that can put you at risk for a serious accident.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a born and raised Las Vegan or a first-time visitor, when you suffer injuries from a car collision, you’ll need an experienced attorney to help you back on your feet. Thankfully, that’s why we’re here: to help you!

Injured in a Car Accident While Visiting Las Vegas? Learn Why You Need a Local Attorney Here

Our car wreck lawyers have over 20 years of experience helping people like you pursue and win car accident injury claims. Regardless of how severe the damage, car collisions can be extremely stressful and confusing. This stress can be infinitely amplified when you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings. This is why we strive to fight for justice for all of our clients, no matter where they’re from, or how big or small their accident claims may be. We don’t cherry-pick, because we know that even a small crash can seem catastrophic to the victims.

To better serve our community, our attorneys represent victims of all collision types, including:

  • Fender-benders
  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone accidents
  • Rear end collisions
  • Drunk driver impacts
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

You Deserve A Car Accident Attorney Capable of Securing the Compensation You Need to Heal

Depending on the severity of an accident, injuries can range from the minor to the traumatic and life-altering. We feel that regardless of how injured you are, you deserve proper treatment and care, and the best legal representation available. Unfortunately, collision care can get expensive, especially if your injuries are severe. That’s why we pride ourselves on fighting to get you the full compensation you deserve, instead of the pitiful settlement the insurance company will offer to cover a portion of your treatment.

You deserve more—we're experienced car accident lawyers who are prepared to battle to make sure all your injuries are adequately provided for, no matter which of the following injuries you have endured:

  • Minor injuries. Lacerations, bruises, sprains, strains, broken bones.
  • Severe external and internal injuries. Amputations, impalement, internal bleeding, organ rupture, major bone fractures, etc.
  • Head injuries. Concussions, contusions, lacerations, etc.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Hemorrhages, swelling, brain damage, etc.
  • Neck injuries. Whiplash, muscle sprains, lacerations, etc.
  • Spinal injuries. Bruising, motor function problems, partial or complete paralysis, etc.
  • Wrongful death. When the death of a loved one was directly caused by negligence or carelessness of a driver.

Remember, despite our local motto—“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”—without proper legal representation, collision injuries and medical bills that happen in Vegas will follow you wherever you go. Make sure you have a lawyer you can depend on to help break the shackles that a grave traffic accident injury places on your future.

Jones Wilson Is Your Winning Trump for Car Accident Claims

Filing a car accident claim can be a high stakes pursuit. What if your claim isn’t strong enough? What do you do if your lawyer isn’t willing to work with you? Will you be stuck with all the medical bills?

Don’t gamble with your future, speak with an experienced car accident attorney today. We offer the representation you need to ensure a winning hand. Contact us online or call us directly at (702) 405-6000 for a free consultation, or come see us at our office located at 1522 W. Warm Springs Road in Henderson. We proudly serve the entire Las Vegas region, and are also dedicated to helping guests from out of town who have local legal needs. We’re waiting to help you get all that you need and deserve for your injuries. 

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