A Henderson Christmas Car Accident Story

Twas the night before Christmas in lovely Henderson,
As I searched my cabinet for some pain relief medicine.

See I was shopping earlier for a last minute gift,
when another vehicle in my lane suddenly did shift.

car accident on Christmas Eve?
And to make matters worse the negligent driver did leave.

I had aches all over my chest, back and neck.
The lingering impact of a hit and run wreck.

My wife strongly suggested I contact a lawyer,
And if I wasn’t soon better I should speak with my employer.

I couldn’t miss work, not at this time of year.
It was highly doubtful my boss would show any Christmas cheer.

She mentioned a law firm, she remembered a story.
How her Aunt had recently called a lawyer named Cory.

Going to my computer, I started my journey
To find the right Henderson injury attorney.

Jones Wilson appeared, lawyers Cory and Justin.
I read the reviews, seemed their clients do trust them.

Relieved that the site contains tons of information,
I was even more happy they provide totally free consultations!

Thinking the office was closed as their phone did ring twice,
When suddenly Justin did answer, with lots of advice.

He listened with patience, I heard the scratch of a pen
Notes he was taking, when suddenly, just then…

A knock on the door, on a holiday eve night?
I watched my wife walk over and turn on the porch light.

On the phone Justin said “That’s likely my partner and friend.
His name is Cory, and you’re rights he will defend.”

And just like magic, she invited Cory inside
He enter and smiled followed closely by my bride.

“Justin just told me you were in a terrible car wreck?”
“Yes”, I replied. “Do you first need a check?”

“No, that’s not needed ’til we settle the claim.
The first thing we need is to find the driver, what shame!”

The police report filed, I recalled the make and model of car,
And even the license number, of that flashy Jaguar!

The lawyers explained I must see a physician,
As they would proceed with this car accident mission.

I felt better already, my aches and pains present,
But I appreciated the opportunity for my frustration to vent.

In the best hands I was, for that I was certain.
Even though so near Christmas, a car crash I was hurt in.

Justin said goodbye to us on the phone,
As Cory took statements from this curve ball I was thrown.

Now able to enjoy my wife and my children,
I was left with the knowledge of the service of Jones Wilson!

Cory packed up his papers, said it would all be alright.
And announced “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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