Dangers of Injury at Gas Stations Include Much More Than Just Slip and Fall Accidents

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonYou probably go to a gas station at least once or twice every week to fill up your tank and perhaps make purchases at the station’s convenience store. Your focus is on getting this weekly duty done, not on worries of being injured. Unfortunately, you could be one of the thousands of people who are hurt in accidents at gas stations every year.

Common Ways Gas Station Accidents Occur

Gas station owners have a duty to keep their gas stations reasonably safe and free of hazards. Because a gas station serves so many different functions – gas pump, store, restrooms, parking lot, and underground gas tank storage – there are many dangers of injuries for the thousands and thousands of customers, vendors, salespersons, and others who visit gas stations daily. Common ways people are injured include:

Slip and falls.

These are the most common type of accidents at gas stations. They can be caused by potholes, gas spills near the pumps, debris left in aisles, spilled food and drink, and spilled soap and water in bathrooms.

Gasoline and diesel burns.

People pumping gas or in the pumping area can suffer serious gasoline and diesel burns if the pump handle leaks, hoses leak, or they are sprayed when shut off valves are faulty.

Vapor inhalation scorching.

If the pumping area is poorly ventilated, customers can be exposed to unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes.

Faulty nozzle triggers.

When the nozzle handle or trigger is defective or has sharp edges, a person can suffer lacerations, pinched fingers, or worse injuries if the hose snaps the handle into his face or upper body.


Gas stations can be dangerous places, and customers can become the victims of assaults or worse crimes. If the gas station is on notice that assaults and other crimes occur on the property and fails to provide adequate security, it could be liable if a person is assaulted or killed at the gas station.


When equipment is defective or not maintained or customers throw burning cigarettes on the pavement, a fire or explosion can be the result, causing victims to suffer horrific burns or die.

Vehicle accidents.

Vehicle and pedestrian accidents can happen in the pumping area or parking lot, especially if the gas station is busy.

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