How Your Trip to the Gas Station Could Result in a Slip and Fall Accident

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonGoing to the gas station is a way of life for most people. Because of the high traffic of customers and vendors delivering gas and goods daily, gas stations and their convenience stores pose many dangers of accidents for unsuspecting guests. While there are many ways people are injured at gas stations, slip and fall accidents are probably the most common. Sadly, most of these resulting injuries would be preventable if gas station owners and employees took their duty to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition and warn of any known hazards more seriously.

How People Slip and Fall at Gas Stations

Gas stations are no longer places where people just go to fill up their gas tanks. They also serve the function of selling goods at a convenience store, providing restrooms, and storing gas under the gas pumps, increasing the number of possible places victims could slip and fall. Common reasons these avoidable accidents happen include:

Oil slicks and gas spills.

People filling their gas tanks or adding motor oil can cause slick surfaces when they spill the oil or gas. This can cause a slipping hazard for the customers going to the pump after them.

Cracked pavement or potholes.

Gas station parking lots can become treacherous when cracked or uneven pavement or potholes are not repaired. Gas station owners and managers often know about these dangers because the poor conditions are so apparent day after day. They are negligent in not fixing them.

Snow, ice, and water.

When snow, ice, and pools of water from heavy rains are not removed, customers in a hurry to pay and go on their way can instead seriously injure themselves when they slip and fall.

Spills of food and drink.

Many gas stations sell self-serve food and drinks. Customers can create spills when filling their containers or eating and drinking in the store and on the way to their vehicles. If employees do not clean up the mess or put out a warning sign, the gas station owner could be liable for a victim’s injuries in a fall.

Water and debris in restrooms.

Restrooms in gas stations are often not cleaned regularly, making them a last resort for some customers. If employees do not routinely check for spilled soap, water, liquids, and paper debris, restrooms can become slip and fall hazards on top of being unsanitary.


Vendors and gas station employees must stock the shelves with the goods that customers purchase. Often they leave boxes, trash, and other debris in the aisles and in the parking lot, making it difficult for customers to maneuver without tripping and falling.

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