Could One of These Experts Help You Win Your Case Following a Slip and Fall Accident in Henderson?

slip and fall expert witnesses Jones Wilson Henderson NVIf you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident while doing your grocery shopping at Albertson’s or eating at a local restaurant, it is unlikely that the negligent party’s insurance company will voluntarily pay you the compensation you deserve. You will have to prove the property or business owner’s negligence in causing your accident and the severity of your injuries to win your case. You will need the assistance of an experienced slip and fall attorney to do this, and one important way that he can help you is to connect you with a network of expert witnesses.

How an Expert Witness Can Help

An expert witness is someone who is qualified to discuss a key aspect of a slip and fall case based on his education, training, and work experience. If your case goes to trial, your attorney would have to prove this person’s qualifications to testify as an expert witness. Once this is accomplished, the expert could explain technical aspects of your case to the jury that are in dispute, give his opinions, and refute claims raised by the negligent party. A qualified expert who is a strong witness can go a long way in swaying the jury in your favor and increasing the chances that they will award you the compensation you deserve. In addition, his report, which he would prepare prior to your trial, may also convince an insurance company of the weakness of their disputes and lead to the fair settlement of your claim.

Key Experts Used in Slip and Fall Cases in Henderson

The expert witnesses who can help in your case will depend on the disputes that are preventing you from settling your claim. However, these are four types of experts who are generally helpful:

Building Inspector, Engineer, or Architect

One of these experts could be needed if a building code violation was the cause of a slip and fall accident.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

When the cause of the fall is in dispute and there is no surveillance footage or eyewitnesses, an accident reconstruction expert may be helpful. Based on pictures and other evidence at the scene of your fall, he can create a computer reenactment of how it occurred.

Flooring and Traction Expert

If a slip and fall accident was due to a slippery floor, a flooring expert may be needed to discuss traction and other safety problems that contributed to your fall.

Medical Experts

Medical experts are almost always needed in slip and fall cases to prove the severity of the injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident, what treatments are needed, and what the victim’s final prognosis for recovery will be.

Helping you decide which experts you need is just one of the ways that a skilled attorney can assist you when filing a slip and fall accident claim.

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