Why Retaining an Attorney Will Get You a Better Result in Your Slip and Fall Case

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonSlip and fall accidents are common at Las Vegas casinos, buffets, and hotels, and victims suffer long-term back, spinal, and traumatic brain injuries. No matter where you fell, you need to retain an attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But not just any attorney will do. You want to pick an attorney who is experienced in slip and fall cases and is not afraid to fight if the negligent business or property owner will not offer you a reasonable settlement.

Reasons You Need an Attorney

Like any accident victim, you need to obtain the best settlement possible to compensate you for all you have lost as a result of your slip and fall. An experienced attorney can help you accomplish this in a number of ways:

Gathering evidence

An attorney can obtain the evidence you need to prove liability and your damages, including the accident report, your medical records, expert reports, and business surveillance tapes. An experienced lawyer will be able to obtain the surveillance tapes soon after your fall before they are taped over – something that would be extremely difficult for you to do on your own.

Interviewing witnesses

An attorney will know how to locate witnesses if all their contact information is not available and can do so early in your case while the witnesses’ memories are still fresh.

Researching similar cases

An attorney who handles a lot of slip and fall cases will have a good understanding of the statutes and case law in Nevada that could apply to your case and may help you prove your right to compensation.

Hiring expert witnesses

You may need a number of experts in your case, such as your treating physician or another medical expert, an accident reconstruction expert, and a vocational rehabilitation therapist. An experienced attorney will have qualified local experts that he can hire to help you build your case against the negligent party.

Negotiating a settlement

An attorney whose practice consists of many slip and fall cases will have a good understanding of how much your case is worth. He will be more likely to negotiate a favorable settlement for you because he understands insurance adjuster tactics and how to handle the weaknesses as well as strengths of your case in his negotiations.

Establishing Power of Attorney

Set up a power of attorney in case of brain damage or incapacitation. Without a legal power of attorney or court-ordered guardianship, no one – not even a spouse, parent (if you’re over 18), or another family member – has the legal authority to sign your signature or make medical decisions.

Working with adjusters and attorneys

An attorney whose practice consists of a large number of slip and fall cases will be more likely to have contacts with insurance adjusters and attorneys who represent insurance companies. These personal contacts can help your attorney obtain a better settlement for you. Because of his personal relationship with them, he will know the best strategy to take in negotiations with them – which could mean a larger settlement for you.

Conducting a trial

Not all cases settle, and you do not want an attorney who takes whatever he can get for your case to avoid taking it to trial. You need an attorney who has experience conducting jury trials, is competent in trial work, and who is not afraid to take your case to trial when settlement negotiations are not working.

When You Suffer, Know Where to Turn

After you’ve been seen by a doctor, and your injuries fully diagnosed, your next plan of action should be to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney. Being injured should not mean that insurance companies get the upper hand. There is absolutely no reason for an insurer to be able to take advantage of your condition, especially when you can have someone looking out for you. Allow us to be your support and fight for the financial security and treatment you deserve.

We can guide you through the injury claim process step-by-step and support you throughout the way. We’ll not work hard to obtain the compensation you need for your treatment, but also to make sure you remain confident and strong in order to get the justice you deserve.

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