3 Reasons You Want to Make an Accident Report After Your Slip and Fall Accident

A night out in Las Vegas can be anything but fun if you slip and fall in one of our famous casinos or on a frayed carpet in the lobby on your way to a show. You might be in too much pain or shock to think of what you need to do. However, you – or a friend or family member if you are unable to – should notify the business owner, manager, landlord, homeowner, or the person of highest authority of your fall and ask that he or she completes an accident report as soon as possible.

3 Reasons It’s Important to Document and Report Your Accident

If you know you have been injured, it is especially important that you report your fall, but you should report it even if you do not believe you suffered any injuries. This is because the symptoms of some problems like internal bleeding, back and spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injury, may not develop until days or weeks after your fall. An accident report can be extremely helpful if you later find you have to file a slip and fall lawsuit. Ways an accident report can strengthen your case include:

  1. Providing documentation that you in fact had an accident. This is especially important if no one witnessed your fall.
  2. Preserving important details like the names of witnesses and their contact information that you could forget in the weeks and months after the accident.
  3. Proving credibility to the insurance company and jury. If you fail to report the accident right after it happened or by the next day, you will have a harder battle convincing the insurance adjuster or jury that you fell and suffered injuries.

You do not have to sign the accident report – and you should not agree to sign it. It could contain waivers of your rights or information you do not agree with. Obtain a copy of the report before you leave to seek medical treatment or arrange to obtain a copy later. If the manager or employee says anything about another fall happening where you fell, make a mental note of this and write down the details as soon as possible. You should also take pictures of the accident scene with your cell phone.

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