How Using a Treadmill for Exercise Could Result in an Injury

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonIt is that time of year again—the new year when we commit to eating better and exercising more. Using a treadmill at a fitness center or at home can be a part of your exercise routine, especially in the colder winter months. While treadmills are generally safe and a good tool for getting the exercise you need, they can pose a safety risk that can cause you to suffer serious injuries or even die.



Reasons You Could Be Injured While Using a Treadmill

The death of 46-year-old CEO Dave Goldberg in a fall on a treadmill when he hit his head in May 2015 has shed light on the dangers of treadmills. While deaths are not that common, they do happen, and many more serious injuries are caused by treadmill accidents. Common reasons people injure themselves on treadmills include:

Inadequate spacing.

In gyms and fitness centers, treadmills can be placed dangerously close to each other. With little room to move around, a person can slip and fall—sometimes into a person or the machine next to his.

Unsanitary conditions.

When treadmills and other exercise equipment are used in public places and not cleaned regularly, users of these machines can develop an infection, especially if they are older or their immune systems are weakened. In addition, if prior users’ sweat and spills are not cleaned up, the treadmill can become slippery and cause an unsuspecting person to fall.

Defective equipment.

Treadmills are heavy equipment weighing 300-400 pounds. If one is poorly designed or a part is defective—like the kill button or safety key—or needs repair, a person using the treadmill can suffer a fall or get caught in the machine, resulting in devastating injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or amputation.

Poorly written instructions.

If the instructions for the assembly, maintenance, or use of a treadmill are confusing or improperly written, a victim of a treadmill accident may have a claim against the manufacturer and other liable parties if injured in an accident.

Were you or a loved one injured while using a home or gym treadmill?

You may have a claim for compensation against the homeowner, fitness center, or gym responsible for the installation and maintenance of the treadmill. Other responsible parties could include the manufacturer and other parties if defects in the treadmill contributed to your injuries.

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