Don’t Say These Things to the Insurance Adjuster After Your Slip and Fall Accident

If you slipped and fell at a person’s residence, a grocery store, or at a casino during a night on the town, you will most likely be contacted by the insurance company for the property owner or business. You will want to take extreme care and watch the words you use when talking to him. What you say – or do not say – could have a bearing on the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries.

What You Don’t Want to Say to the Insurance Adjuster

Even if the insurance adjuster seems nice, you have to keep in mind that he works for an insurance company that has a goal of making a profit. The company does this by denying or reducing claims – even if there is no question that their insured party is liable. When talking to the insurance adjuster, you do not want to give him ammunition to pay you less (or no) money. Increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable settlement by not making these statements:

“I think” statements.

Do not give statements where you guess or estimate anything. If you do not know the answer to a question, you are better off not answering and sticking to the facts you are certain of. The adjuster could ask you the question in the same way in hopes of twisting your answer or otherwise tricking you into answering something that you did not mean to say that hurts your claim.

Fault or apology statements.

You do not want to admit to fault or apologize for slipping and falling in your conversation with the insurance adjuster – or the business or property owner, witnesses, or a doctor. Your words can be used against you later.

Denial of injury statements.

Do not tell the adjuster – or anyone else – that you were not hurt or minimize your injuries. Even if you do not think you were injured, do not admit this. Why? Especially in the hours and days after your slip and fall accident, you cannot be certain whether or not you were hurt or the extent of your injuries. Symptoms for conditions like internal bleeding, spinal and back injuries, and traumatic brain injury can take days or longer to develop.

Recorded statements.

You never want to agree to give a recorded statement to the adjuster. You are not required to give one and could inadvertently make a mistake or say something you did not mean – that could later be used against you.

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