What You Need To Know So Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Best Help You Following An Accident

Once you come into our office and we begin representing you there are specific instructions we give to you as a new client.

The following advice is critical to ensure you obtain the maximum settlement possible in your personal injury case.


Your cooperation is important in making certain that your case proceeds smoothly. Keep us informed. – please call us with any new information regarding the accident, such as: the names of witnesses, insurance information, or any additional information you feel would be helpful.  It is also important that you inform us of any changes in your symptoms, loss of hours or time from work, and new doctors you are seeing. This information is critical to the handling of your case and can impact settlement.

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One of the downsides to litigation is the effort the insurance company will make to delve into your accident and medical history.  Much of this information is readily available to insurance companies and they will look into this to minimize the value of your claim. We can work around these issues but we do not want to be blind-sided by the insurance company.  Let us know about all of these issues in advance.


As soon as possible please provide our office with a copy of your automobile insurance declaration sheet showing your coverage. This is very important. If you have any questions about this please call our office immediately.  Failure to properly put your insurance company on notice of these things could jeopardize coverage you maintained in case of a car accident.


Do not discuss your case with anyone. This includes your own insurance company. Insurance adjusters always want recorded statements. These can be used to evaluate your case before litigation and during.  In the course of giving a statement you may inadvertently downplay your injuries or make an offhand remark that is misconstrued or distorted. If anyone calls you regarding the accident, obtain their name and phone number and advise them that your attorney will contact them. Call us as soon as possible to tell us who called you. We will call them back immediately.


Be incredibly careful with what you post on social media. Looking up someone’s profile on social media is one of the first things an insurance adjuster or opposing attorney will do.  If you have posted pictures of you in compromising positions or engaging in activities that seem outside your post-accident physical limitations these can be used against you and may damage your case.  Also, posting offensive or controversial things may adversely impact how you are perceived as a potential witness and can hurt case value. Think twice before posting a picture or comment.


Do not sign any papers. Do not sign any statements, forms, reports or any other documents unless we tell you to do so. If you are ever in doubt, call us first.


Photographs and a journal following your car accident are important. Pictures are worth a thousand words. We need photos of the damage to the car you were in and of any visible injuries you received, such as cuts, bruises or lacerations. If you cannot take the photos, call our office and we will arrange to have the photographs taken. Do not hesitate to call us to do this.


Advise us if you are unable to keep your doctor appointments, or if you change doctors or if you see another medical provider in addition to your treating physician. We need all medical and billing information in order to obtain full compensation for your injuries.


Keep receipts of all purchases for prescription medication, orthopedic collars, casts or braces and mail us copies of the same so our file can be accurate and complete.


If you have group medical insurance through your work or your spouse’s employment, be sure to give your doctor this insurance information, so they may process it for you.  In most instances you are better off using your health insurance for your treatment. Make sure to discuss this with us before you begin treatment with any medical provider.


We want to get your car repaired as soon as possible. Let us know which automobile repair shop you want to use so that we may arrange for the insurance company adjuster to inspect it and approve the work needed.  Please remember that if your car is totaled, you must continue to make your finance payments until your insurance pays off the loan balance. If your car is not drivable due to the damages sustained, please provide us with your collision insurance information so your car can be repaired as soon as possible. We will collect the deductible from the responsible party as soon as possible.


You will need a vehicle to use until yours is repaired or you are reimbursed for the fair market value of your vehicle. Most insurance companies will authorize payments around $25 per day.  If your car is declared a total loss you should begin looking for a replacement vehicle immediately. If you have car rental coverage through your own insurance it may be beneficial to use this coverage.  We will advise you on how best to proceed on this issue.

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