Getting Prompt Medical Treatment Helps Your Slip and Fall Case in More Ways Than You Think

Many people who slip and fall at a Las Vegas casino, restaurant buffet, or grocery store may not realize the potentially serious ramifications of the accident and would rather just shake it off. Even if they experience a bit of pain in their spine or worry they sprained their ankle, they could ignore it, hoping it would go away soon. After all, it can be time consuming and a hassle to go to the emergency room or file an accident report with a manager. However, an injured victim could seriously regret not taking these stepsHenderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones Wilson if he later discovers he suffered serious injuries.

Four Ways Obtaining Prompt Medical Care Can Increase Your Slip and Fall Settlement

Even if you do not believe you were injured at all, it is still best to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room or by your own physician the next day. Obtaining medical care right after the accident could be critical to the amount of compensation you receive in your slip and fall case. It can help your claim in the following ways:

Documenting and proving your injuries.

The most obvious reason to see a doctor is to obtain the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Beyond that, receiving medical treatment right after the accident shows the injuries were caused by your fall and not something else. In addition, if you had what you thought was a minor injury that later turned serious, the fact that you initially sought treatment could make an insurance adjuster take your condition more seriously – and agree to a higher settlement.

Finding potentially hidden injuries.

Just because you do not think you were hurt does not mean that you did not suffer injuries. Some injuries – spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injury are a few – may not develop for days or weeks after your fall. Others like internal bleeding or brain hemorrhages could develop into a life-threatening emergency later. Obtaining medical treatment promptly might spot these potential problems and could help you tie the medical condition to the accident if you later experience symptoms.

Documenting your medical condition after the accident.

Whenever you seek medical treatment, there will be written documents that you will be able to use to show how you were injured, your prognosis, and your treatment options. You need to prove this in order to receive compensation for your injuries. Showing that you received treatment right after your accident strengthens your case significantly because of the direct link to your fall.

Defeating insurance company counter-arguments.

Insurance companies – and their attorneys – often try to argue that a victim’s injuries were not caused by the accident. You could prove them wrong if you sought medical care right away.

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